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Geology Of Petroleum By Leverson Pdf Download




Basis of Petroleum offers a good understanding of oil and gas geology and the basic processes controlling the formation of these resources. Although the text can be too technical for the non-geologist, it is an excellent resource for those wishing to learn more about petroleum. Key Features of Basis of Petroleum: The text is divided into two parts. Part 1 is “Introduction to Petroleum” which offers an introduction to the history of petroleum and the history of oil. Part 2 is “Petroleum Geology” which covers the geology of petroleum and natural gas. It also includes the primary rock types in which petroleum is found. Basis of Petroleum includes the following parts: Introduction to Petroleum Geology of Petroleum Hierarchy of Oil and Gas Plays Hierarchy of Petroleum Systems Geology of the Continental Crust Basalt Basic Rocks Basic Sediments Basic Igneous Rocks Depression (or Erosion) Basin Geologic Setting of Unconventional Resources Geologic Basis of the Geochemistry of Petroleum Geology of Heterogeneous Petroleum Systems Sedimentary Basin Gravel Bed Sedimentary Rocks Structural Basin Mudstones Sandstones Shale Basin Source Rock and Intermedia Rocks The textbook has over 500 pages and covers the following subjects: “Understanding Petroleum Geology” “The Stratigraphy of Petroleum Geology” “Pore Space Distribution in Sedimentary Rocks” “Hydrocarbon Occurrence in Tertiary and Quaternary Deposits” “Lithology of Petroleum Geology” “Properties of Petrophysical Formation” “Sedimentary Processes and Deposits” “Deposition and Preservation of Petroleum” “Petroleum Processes” “Geologic Systems of Petroleum Geology” “Importance of Stratigraphy in Petroleum Geology” “Basic Rocks, Basic Igneous Rocks and Deposits” “Petroleum Geology of Continental Crust” “Petroleum Geology of the Upper Mantle and Lower mantle” �




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Geology Of Petroleum By Leverson Pdf Download

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