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Jarrell Cove State Park Floating Dock

Dock Foul Adventure. Harstine Island, Washington


Jarrell Cove is a small state park on Harstine Island. It has one, long floating dock that extends down into dramatic scenery. The water is an emerald green and when the tide is low the cove reveals itself in all its glory.

I have only visited here prior to knowing anything about dock fouling and unwittingly dock fouled. The feather duster worms and plumose anemones are easily spotted through the slats in the dock. I once rescued a marooned thick-horned nudibranch that was stranded in the barnacles on one of the pillars during low tide. I am excited to return with better knowledge of what to look for!


Head down the main road that leads through Jarrell Cove State Park. When you get to the parking lot with the restrooms you are in the right place. The path leading north west out of the parking lot will take you directly to the floating dock. 

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