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Eddie Vine/ Shishole Docks

Dock Foul Adventure. Ballard, Seattle, Washington


The Eddie Vine Boat Ramp and the adjacent public area of the Shishole Marina are bustling with activity. Just south of Golden Gardens these floating docks are busy with boaters coming and going with the occasional kayaking class practicing their maneuvers on shore. Fortunately there is a lot of dock territory out here so you are always likely to find a spot to look at the dock fouling undisturbed.

The Eddie Vine Boat Ramp is the three unconnected floating docks between a parking lot and the Shishole Dry Storage Lot. These are a little tricky for observations due to the high boat traffic disturbing the water and the general murkiness and pollution that seems to collect here.

Head just a bit south to a much larger expanse of floating dock, part of the Golden Gardens boat ramp. Here you will be a bit better sheltered, have more room to move around and the water is much clearer. Be warned- wear some old clothes as there is a great deal of seagull and crow poop all over these docks!


There's lots of free street parking next to Eddie Vine. A good marker will be the Little Coney hot dog stand. Head past the restaurant on the right and straight down the ramp. Here you will find ample floating dock to explore. Just to the north you will see the three boat ramps. 

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