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Langley Marina

Dock Foul Adventure. Langley, Whidbey Island, Washington


The marina at Langley is jolly and charming. It is a small, community marina with a lot of character. The marina curves in toward land with a wall protecting the dock from disturbances from the sound. The entirety of the dock is publicly accessible, save for a small strip outside the protective wall.

On the one trip I made to this marina there was an abundance of ochre stars- far more than I have seen under any other dock. They were also much larger individually that other stars I have seen in the area. Due to its protected nature, it makes sense that there would be an abundance of wildlife that could take advantage of the peaceful setting.


There's a few parking spots down by the marina which shares the space with a park. Head down the dock to get the main part of the marina where you can look underneath at all the creatures. Not much instruction is needed here- everything will be fairly obvious. There is a small boat ramp just south of the marina that may or may not also be worth checking out.

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