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Edmonds Marina

Dock Fouling Adventure. Edmonds, Washington

There's a lot going on at Edmonds Marina. Most of the marina is behind locked doors but there is a significant portion that is open to the public. In terms of organism density, this is one of the most "foul" locations that I have been to in Puget Sound. One side of the dock is almost completely protected from disturbance and this is where there is a dense build up of creatures. When the water is clear, sea stars and giant sea cucumbers can be seen on the rocky bottom.

Be aware of your surroundings when fouling in this location! Traffic two and from the whale watching vessels can dominate the dock at times. It is also worth looking up as you can see the occasional seal or bald eagle. 



Parking is complicated by the marina! I typically play it safe and park where the map indicates "Free 3 hours public parking" near Olympic Beach. From there head towards the restrooms, then make your way along the water until you get to Anthony's. There will be a ramp heading down to the floating dock. This continues for a while, with a boat lift and fuel dock accessible. There is a ramp back up at the end, right before the locked gate to the rest of the marina.

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