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Narrows Marina

Dock Foul Adventure. Tacoma, Washington

This sizable marina is tucked away, past the railroad tracks and hidden behind a restaurant. In my experience, this is the premier dock fouling location in Tacoma. The dock has several features that make it interesting. As you head down the ramp, the first feature shows up on the right. There are a series of what appear to be disused herring net pens. This area provides an interesting environment for a diversity of creatures to live in. Be careful as there are many old screws sticking up from the dock.

As you head past the herring net pens, the dock extends a fair ways out into the sound. The views of the Narrows Bridge are outstanding. It is worth exploring all the way until the end of the dock- there is plenty to see!



The only way to get to the marina is by going straight down S 19th street, towards the water. After you pass the railroad tracks there is ample free parking. Head all the way north, towards the restaurant. You almost have to enter the restaurant to get to the dock! Head down the ramp to the dock and you will see the herring pen nets to the right and a boat lift to the left. 

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